What can Target golf do for your business?  Come see and read our view of how large targets can affordably bring your facility into a profitable evening golf entertainment model – Be it permanent or mobile targets – click through to see what we can offer you.

Introduction:  – we are writing this from a perspective of the owner who wants to bring in more business 

Target golf is a new, emerging sport in day and evening golf where players can compete with one another from virtually anywhere at your club or course by hitting to a single target or multiple targets. Since targets respond with light and sound, targets can be  move between challenges by simply walking out and moving the targets. We call these 1-3 target cigar parties. from a fairway to the range. This casual and progressive style of evening is designed for small groups and centered around only 1-4 bays.  

Target Golf for all types of venues – Targets are simply a large glowing end point for people to go for. Once they hit the target they get both sound and light reinforcement. The great thing is that target golf can be played on all types of venues from permanent installations using in ground targets and TopTracer style scoring. Or there are mobile versions of the game for private golf clubs or golf course that want a cool, involving evening target party, but want  everything thing to go back to golf in the morning. Pop up targets are a great way to create a progressive  

Day and night versatility – The great thing about golf targets are that they can be used both for practice during the day and knock around fun golf parties at night. Mobile 12 and 30ft targets are great for junior golf camps as well as teaching beginners by giving them sound feedback when they hit the target. Then, when the sun goes down you can take these same targets and move them all around your course to make all kinds of fun and social challenges. Note that with mobile golf targets, you are not locked into having to only hit on the range. Most of the time you will be playing at night, so there is no one on the course. So why not shoot from the clubhouse lounge down the 18th fairway. Now you bring the golf fun to your watering hole. This is key to generating both creative excitement for your members and revenue for your bottom line. 

Making the Leap to nightime golf entertainment business – Though we will discuss this in length in future articles, making the leap has several stumbling points that must be addresses before you can monetize an evening target golf offering. The key issue is creating enough revenue and traffic to shoulder a second staff. Too many times we’ve learned that stretching daytime staff to work weekends etc. becomes problematic very quickly. To generate regular business you need to fulfill customer expectations be it a full target golf range venue or a weekly target showdown off the back of the bar at the club. It doesn’t have to be huge to be impressive. It has to be visual and involving. Just like a better band brings in more people because they make better music. The more involving and the more victories people can experience, the more people will come back and you will develop a fan base

Where can target golf go from here? It’s clear that within 3-5 year, providing range customers with a fully interactive field experience will be ubiquitous to our industry simply because it’s proven to successfully access the night where most of us are available to spend money. So the future for driving ranges and golf courses wanting to access their customers or members when it’s convenient for them is already becoming more affordable and vastly more accurate with what it takes to be a success using highly interactive driving range targets to drive new business with more fun and more interactivity than even today. 

CONCLUSION: Moving into the night is critical to the survival of both private and public facilities. Launching at the proper level to start and providing enough sizzle to create buzz is key to generating enough revenue to create a sustainable golf entertainment model. 

Give us a call if you would like to discuss how glowgear interactive can help your club move into the night, move into creating more fun for more money and less work. 

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