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Grow your Golf Business with Target Golf Systems

In today’s world, leisure activities provide an escape from busy lifestyles. In fact, due to demanding schedules that fill up daylight hours, leisure often comes at night. Topgolf is just one example of a business that has found that golfing after hours is an attractive entertainment option for people looking to spend money on leisure. As a result, target golf systems for night golf games have the potential to ramp up business on your golf range. The fact of the matter is that focusing only on consumer spending during daylight hours simply leaves money on the table. 

Target golf systems are likely to have a measurable impact on your golf range. According to the industry assessments, ranges only garner approximately 10% of the revenue that can be earned by relying solely on daytime use and practices. What’s more, golf ranges make a greater impact with customers who have the opportunity to play longer on the field. However, it is perfectly reasonable to ask, “how do customers know that they can spend more time playing?” In truth, customers must be wowed. By drawing attention to the field and the tee line with eye-catching colors and light, ranges will surprise and awe customers upon arrival. Target golf systems for night golf games by Glowgear Interactive are designed with the idea that humans are responsive to bold colors and light much like a moth is drawn to a flame!

Glowgear Interactive target golf systems are manufactured to suit large fields. Not only are the innovations made to impress customers, but also to elicit a response. As a result, golf players imagine that they are right inside of a gigantic pinball machine. Furthermore, it is important to point out that venues relying only on Astroturf greens and basic white lights are comparable to retro-style bowling centers which are somewhat of a bore. 

Deliver an Interactive Entertainment Experience with Target Golf Systems

Modern ranges can stand to take the visuals up a level by catering to the demands of players while creating an inviting mood. Artificial light simply falls short on producing the right amount of ambiance needed for the perfect game. Even today, most bowling centers have found success in implementing cosmic bowling to entice casual evening and weekend customers. 

Capturing customers and ensuring that they return again and again requires a golf range to deliver an experience. Customers will stay longer if their games are fun, challenging and memorable. Based on current data trends, an increase in positive reinforcement points on account of players will contribute to a longer stay. Essentially, when a customer stays longer it is reasonable to ascertain that they are having fun. Glowgear Interactive targets are responsive, providing light and sound as a method of positive reinforcement for players. The reality is that a true gaming experience is ineffective without light and sound. 

Consider a bowling alley without pins and the sounds of them falling down and crashing? The experience, in this case, would not resonate with players. For this reason, having a tee-line such as the Toptracer is a fantastic solution. The device is designed to augment practices by overcoming the reality of playing on an empty range with a kiosk video game. However, once a loop is completed, players enjoy the positive feedback and subsequently continue to stay the course. 

Full-field interactivity and target automation are among the newest secrets that keep players in their bays for hours at a time. Actually, customers are able to immerse themselves into a virtual reality where they cannot wait to achieve just one more hit. Players enjoy receiving a response from the target and ultimately experience a jolt of excitement. By comparison, having a single reinforcement point at the tee line and a static marker with dormant targets doesn’t evoke the same response as an interactive experience.

Customer Influencers and Instagrammable Marketing for Your Range

Customers are huge influencers and big field targets provide instagrammable opportunities having been designed to match the auto settings on most smartphone cameras. Imagine saving costs on marketing and paid advertising with a targeting system that doubles as an automated marketing tool. Due to the fact that nearly everyone is doing it for the ‘gram, it is entirely possible to have hitting bays fully booked with just a few competition events on schedule. 

Combining giant interactive targets with the tee box scoring is a game changer. It is not unusal to enjoy 30% -50% return on investment or even more by using a scoring system like this. Furthermore, ranges are able to reach even more demographics as players bring anyone from non-golfing friends, partners and spouses to join the fun. As cliente grows, customers will eventually look to book large gatherings such as parties, corporate events and competitions which offer great spectator value. Augmented kiosk scoring cannot produce the same level of results without the interactivity for customers. Smaller ranges can gain firsthand experience with the ‘Topgolf Effect’ without breaking the budget. 

Take your golf venue to the next level with less overhead. Learn how to design a golf range that will generate a substantial amount of interest while also laying the groundwork for a successful food and beverage enhancement. 

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