SmartTarget Golf and Sport Center-CT partner to deliver the first 60 bay interactive driving range in the US

Golf Entertainment comes to Connecticut.

Shelton CT —SmartTarget.Golf Systems (Palm Springs, CA) and Sport Center of CT (Shelton, Connecticut) are excited to announce the launch of SmartTarget interactive field targets to pair with their Toptracer kiosk scoring system, making it the first SmartTarget-equipped range facility in the entire region.

sport center driving range Connecticut

By combining a field of 7 SmartTargets with 30 bays of Toptracer scoring, Sport Center – CT has created a hybrid facility with 30 bays of fully automated golf entertainment (with Toptracer) and 30 bays of SmartTarget glow range to meet 2 different customer groups and hourly price points.

While the Sport Center of Conn is annually ranked as one of the Top 50 ranges in the US – featuring a 60 bay and a first floor of 30 bays of Toptracer® range that now combines a full field of interactive SmartTargets that respond with light and sound when hit transforming the range into an immersive and visceral gaming experience. Golfers and non-golfers alike prefer hitting golf balls out onto a real targeted range thereby getting instant feedback before they get their digital scoring feedback from Toptracer®, just like the pros on TV.
“We are beyond excited to install the SmartTarget system onto our range where customers not only have enticing live targets to hit, but know when they hit them the target react.  This will take our business to the next level of golf entertainment. The spring in Connecticut is the perfect time to introduce it to our customers – new and returning alike.”  – Nick Watson, General Manager

sport center driving range Connecticut

“The interactive SmartTarget Golf System at Sport Center of CT completes their golf gaming and entertainment experience with a live tee box-to-target game that customers are seeking with the ever increasing popularity of golf entertainment venues. Our patented SmartTarget field systems are great for training during the day with scoring zones, but are changing the face of golf with their interactive light effects at night for fun, social, and competitive gaming,” says Inventor and SmartTarget Golf CEO, Robert Peterson.

SmartTarget Golf Systems, with 7 permanent target facilities installed, is also busy at work on the following projects in:

Calgary, Alberta

Madison Wisconsin

To learn more about how you can bring the SmartTarget Golf System experience to your course or venue, please visit

About SmartTarget Golf Systems

SmartTarget Golf began 5 years ago with a view that the field was the future. And now golf courses can monetize their range so as to outpace daytime golf course rounds with day to evening hitting bay rentals like Topgolf.   With the combination of tee line scoring and interactive targets on the driving range that respond with light and sound, we are successfully creating the democratization of the ‘Topgolf effect’ – which is the ability to generate top-line revenue of up to 900k per 10 bays per year in just bay rentals with an added 60% added revenue for proper food and beverage delivery. Without targets, this has not been possible since no one practices on Saturday night and weekend evenings are when the customer pool is at 95% capacity

SmartTarget Golf provides both mobile and in-ground targeting solutions and holds several patents on field interactivity including light, sound, laser response, moving targets and interactive car enclosure for impactful sponsorship.

sport center driving range Connecticut

About Sport Center-CT

Opened in 1999 as a Golf Driving range. The Sport Center of Connecticut has grown into the premier Family Fun Entertainment Center in New England. Situated on over 20 acres, The Sport Center consists of over 150,000 square feet of indoor entertainment venues coupled with numerous outdoor activities. The genesis of the development of The Sport Center was to provide children and young adults a wholesome venue they can “call their own.” Over the past several decades, The Sport Center of Connecticut has proven to be just that and more.

sport center driving range Connecticut

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