SHOOTERS GOLF: Transforming a Low Traffic Practice Range into a Thriving Golf Entertainment Destination in Wexford, PA

SHOOTERS GOLF: Transforming a Low Traffic Practice Range into a Thriving Golf Entertainment Destination in Wexford, PA

SHOOTERS GOLF in Wexford PA is a great example of how a forward-thinking restaurateur took a low traffic 20 bay practice range and transformed it into a thriving day and evening golf entertainment destination.


“What was once a boring and lifeless range at night is now a bright and vibrant venue thanks to Smart Target. It even looks more incredible in the winter when it snows” – Brock Baranowski – Owner

It began putting in one of the first combinations of Toptracer scoring and a SmartTarget field. The venue needed a great deal of attention but the Shooters team went at it, converting the main building that was once offices and minor retail into a restaurant with simulators and a one-of-a-kind view of the field through the bar. They took advantage of the new ways to light a field without a great deal of wash. This worked out well because it allowed the targets to glow brightly in the background. The most challenging part was that the range was basically a river running down a hill. With proper terracing, the team was able to mitigate with syn turf and planted seed what was a true headache that has now turned into a lean, beautiful range of targets.


“Between the Smart Target lights and our music, the vibe at night is incredible!” – Jordan Baranowski – Owner

It starts with the ‘activity anchor’. The combination of the Toptracer tee line scoring and bright, interactive targets. But that is where Shooters began. Then they added super cool windows looking from the bar to the field so folks hanging out can see the action. Then, on both the left and right ‘wings’ they put 5 bays for traditional practice and overflow. Best of all they went the extra yard and converted the left side ‘wing’ into an outdoor party area with fire pits and lounge chairs designed to allow folks to sit back and watch the field action. Finally, they put in a new hole-in-one green up close so as to create a weekly hole-in-one competition.


”Our family has never been in the golf industry. However, working with Rob and listening to his current visions about the driving range industry inspired us and gave us some great ideas, above and beyond Smart Target, that we have implemented at Shooters Golf” – Mark Baranowski – Owner

Since we put in the targets before winter we had to wait until the spring with the grass grown in to reveal the final product. Over the past year, the venue has added features and improvements, evolving slowly but surely to become a fully buttoned-up venue with a perfect style and execution. Many successful venues build in this manner. They use initial capital to build or remodel the restaurant and golf entertainment venue and expand capacity with profits. It’s conservative but often times the slow and steady path is best.


We highly recommend visiting Shooters if you are looking for a great time or tips on how to open up the night in your city or town.


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