Night golf

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You can pre-charge your ball by putting it in the sun When you are ready to play, simply turn on your UV Flashlight and charge your ball for 1-3 minutes at the start of your round. Then, after hitting your ball you can charge up your second as you walk to your first ball. Once at your ball you have the option to hit away or charge your ball up a bit for extra brightness.

Night Golf Products

Lot of products are avaiable for Night glow golf. Thats make it much enloyable and easy to play. Look here some of top selling products.

Easy to installment

All night glow golf stuff is very easy to installment. Its easy to carry

Always visible

Golf liting, Targets, balls, rings all of the night glow golf things are easily viewable

Much enjoyable

You will enjoy that you did't expect and feel. It make golf much fun

Now Golf anywhere anytime

Now we will make golf easy for you. Here is available different types of golf stuff. You can install it indoor and as well as outdoor. Day or not everything is now possible for you!

Golf tournament packages

TIME TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT NIGHT GOLF: The Recharger series by Glowgear are the first industrial grade lights designed for multiple uses. We combine durability with design to offer the golf course or facility a well crafted option to disposable glow sticks. With Recharger lighting players can now see the tee box, green and bunker shots.

Enjoying Night Golf

night golf enjoying
glow golf

Night Golf Balls

Different types of Glow golf balls available in different colors. Play the best hitting glow in the dark night golf ball in the industry. This means our ball not only glows, it hits as long and true as your favorite tour quality ball like the Callaway HX or ProV1. And unlike LED night golf balls and glowstick balls, it is safe to hit with your driver because it has a daytime core instead of a battery and light, or glow stick.

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Night Glow Golf Tracking

Just snap together and begin creating hundreds of designs. Track is banked so ball rides on edge so you can make turns, bankers or even ‘double stack’ piles so the ball and go in circles. “It goes as far as your brain can think”, Rob Peterson – Product designer

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Night glow golf Lighting

We designed and built these lights for lighting up night golf, but the upscale look of this extremely durable and versatile light has made it popular for many outdoor activities at upscale resorts – golf and non-golf alike. Lights that can be programmed to 15 different colors and set to steady, fade or flash are perfect to mark outdoor patios, putting greens, walkways and any location for night time festivities – And with no cords or plug, just recharge the batteries for seasons of use. The rechargeable batteries pay for themselves in only a few uses. Different types of lighting products are available that using for lighting and targetting

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