More FAQs About SmartTarget.Golf

More FAQs About SmartTarget.Golf

How Do Targets Affect Daytime And Evening Driving Range Usage?

Field targets define your field and anchor the visual experience with the customer. We have found an increase in all day-parts when targets are installed.

  • In the morning you will rent blocks of bays for everything from kids’ parties to company meetings.
  • In the afternoon scoring and targets attract the serious golfer more than just those wanting to hit a bucket of balls.
  • In the evening weekends, a 10-20 bay facility will see oversubscription. The big surprise is that you will also fill up the early week evening blocks (Monday-Wednesday) with social league play.

Note that without targets no tee line scoring system alone has been able to fill evening time slots. With range targets, it’s a breeze.


Can My Driving Make More Money At Night Than During The Day?

Evening Entertainment Wins Hands Down

Practice and play are completely different animals that attract different customers.
Daytime Practice

  • Practice generates about 10% of a driving range’s potential.
  • In the evening no one goes out to practice, especially on Saturday night.
  • Only a small percentage of non-golfers practice…but they sure like to play

Evening Play

  • No one goes out alone. So in the evening, you will see 3-6 people per bay asking for food and beverages.
  • Customers lose track of their spending as they get more and more into their gaming experience.
  • Customers pay for the table before they buy a meal
  • By renting the bays for an hour and then having games that last 45 minutes you are nearly guaranteeing customers stay for an extra hour to play again..

How Are Target Golf Driving Ranges Easier To Market?

Instagram Is Everything

Today, your customers are your advertising agency. What they say and send to their friends is everything. Giant Smart Targets cause customers to pull out their phone cameras and click away. In fact, we design your field so that even the worst photographer will take an impressive shot. Without anything in the field and only a scoring kiosk, customers simply don’t Instagram their kiosk. They shoot the field like crazy though.

It is also much easier to sell the evening bay hour experience because the majority of your customers work during the day and the evening is when they can spend their leisure money.

Selling play and fun is far easier than selling competition and skill. The easier it is and the more fun it is, the more customers will want to play and stay.

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