Light Up Your Driving Range: How Smart Targets Can Boost Occupancy and Attract New Customers

Light Up Your Driving Range: How Smart Targets Can Boost Occupancy and Attract New Customers

Golf Entertainment Center (Source: Pinseekers website, 2024)

Is your driving range dwindling after dinner time? Maybe your current technology (Toptracer, Inrange, Trackman) is great for serious golfers but doesn’t quite capture the imagination of evening date night couples or families who are busy during daytime hours. Here’s where permanent interactive targets from Smart Target Golf can be a game-changer.

Permanent Interactive Targets (Source: Pinseekers website, 2024)

Golf Entertainment Center (Source: Pinseekers website, 2024)

Beyond Tee Line Scoring: Engaging Everyone

Traditional tee line scoring systems are fantastic for avid golfers during the day, but as the sun goes down, a kiosk and white lights do not bring people in. Smart Targets offer a whole new level of interactive fun by making the field real. Imagine hitting a target that explodes in a burst of light, awards the player even before they turn to their scoring kiosk. Suddenly, the driving range becomes an engaging and exciting activity for everyone!

Boost Evening Occupancy: Light Up the Night

Let’s face it, most driving ranges see a drop in activity as the sun sets. Smart Targets shine (literally) in these evening hours. Their bright lights and interactive features create a captivating atmosphere, perfect for a fun night out with friends or family. This is proving to significantly boost your hitting bay occupancy rates as well as allow venues to jump from discounted buckets of balls to lucrative bay hours of $45-$75 per hour.

Data-Driven Success: Occupancy and Food & Beverage on the Rise

Our data speaks for itself. Driving ranges that have incorporated permanent interactive targets have seen a significant increase in occupancy. Occupancy Rates average 46%+ over the week and over 75% on Saturdays. Some venues average over 60% Occupancy Rates some weeks with over 90% Occupancy on Saturdays.

But the benefits go beyond just filling bays. The engaging atmosphere created by Smart Targets encourages guests to linger longer, relax, and order more food and beverages. This translates to a double win for your business: more revenue from both activities and happy, returning customers.

All-Weather Fun: Keep Your Customers Swinging Year-Round

Unlike traditional range technology, Smart Targets are built to withstand the elements. They’re all-weather durable, so you can keep the fun going rain or shine, even during the winter months. This allows you to maintain consistent occupancy and revenue streams throughout the year, giving you a significant edge over competitors who may see a drop-off in activity during colder seasons.

Ready to Light Up Your Driving Range?

Smart Targets are a proven way to boost occupancy, attract new customers, create an exciting and dynamic atmosphere, increase your food and beverage sales, and keep your business thriving year-round. Contact Smart Target Golf today and let us help you take your business to the next level!

Golfer Shot (Source: LaunchPad Golf  2024)


About SmartTarget.Golf:

Golf Entertainment is one of the fastest-growing segments in the golf industry and we make the targets to fuel that growth. Interactive ranges are the future and affordable mobile and modular targets are the missing link that makes it work. Our production-grade targets are designed to build the sport of target golf into an event revenue stream for every size club and range.


James Kaiser
Sales Director
SmartTarget.Golf (Parent Company Of GlowGear)
Palm Springs, CA

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