Jon Sjostrom Joins Smart Target Golf

Jon Sjostrom Joins Smart Target Golf is excited to announce the appointment of Jon Sjostrom as Sales Director.

Jon has spent his whole life in the golf world, coming from a family of golfers. After graduating college, Mr. Sjostrom moved to Georgia and worked as a First Assistant Golf Professional, then ventured into the driving range equipment business at Range Servant for almost a decade. There he grew to understand the ins and outs of range management along with the growing trends of TopTracer, TopGolf, and golf entertainment.

During this time, he met the SmartTarget Golf Founder, Robert Peterson, who was developing his patented, interactive targets through the mobile event, The Cosmic Driving Range.  And today they join forces to help golf venues take on the 21st century by monetizing their range and activating their own Topgolf effect.

“The field is the future, the more interactivity and sizzle we can create for the players, the more revenue we generate for our customers and viable evening entertainment is our business” says Mr. Sjostrom

Mr. Peterson agrees “Our interactive driving range targets, which respond with light and sound when hit, combine with a tee line scoring system such as Toptracer Range, InRange or Trackman to complete the ‘Tee Box to Target – bowling alley experience’ that is quickly becoming the stand out success neither system alone can achieve.”

Jon will spearhead the development of the SmartTarget lease program along with developing original Cosmic Driving Range builds that incorporate interactive targets, scoring, laser interactivity, moving targets and SmartTargetGolf’s patented interactive car enclosure, – an untouchable new golf experience.

“Golf entertainment as we all know, is the leading edge of the golf industry and SmartTarget Golf is on the forefront with its patented interactivity, laser and motion target technology that will drive revenue growth for golf facilities.” says Mr. Sjostrom.

“Yes, the field is the future” states Robert Peterson, CEO and Founder of, “And we are thrilled to have Jon on board to build it with our customers and partners.”

Visit Jon Sjostrom’s profile on LinkedIn.

About SmartTarget Golf Systems

SmartTarget Golf began 5 years ago with a view that the field was the future. And now golf courses can monetize their range so as to outpace daytime golf course rounds with day to evening hitting bay rentals like Topgolf.   With the combination of tee line scoring and interactive targets on the driving range that respond with light and sound, we are successfully creating the democratization of the ‘Topgolf effect’ – which is the ability to generate top line revenue of up to 900k per 10 bays per year in just bay rentals with 160% in added revenue for a proper food and beverage operation.

SmartTarget Golf provides both mobile and in ground targeting solutions and holds several patents on field interactivity including light, sound, laser response, moving targets and interactive car enclosure for impactful sponsorship. To learn more please visit

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