Tee Box to Target Field – 360 degree Imersion


This is an amazing time for the driving range industry when large venues can bring together tee box scoring with big field targeting to create an experience that is more captivating as a drive in movie. 

By combining Interactive driving range targets with tee box scoring systems like TopTracer and Inrange you create the complete ‘bowling alley’ from the crashing of pins when you walk in the door to the experience of victory when you win a game. 

Visual impact is the first step in having customers want to start playing and stay through a few more games than they thought. They need to be stopped in their tracks and reaching for their phones to instagram their friends. That is the visual ‘Big Field’ impact needed. The best news is that it’s now attainable for 10-20 bay facilities. 

When playing, having big field targets creates a visual experience where back field targets look closer as a feature of their size and design. This is what we call the “pin ball machine effect”. The bigger and brighter the targeting, the more customers feel as if they are inside the pinball machine. 

The connection to tee line scoring is another way customers are immersed and connected to the live game. When players hit a target, they here the target go off over the sound system and see if flash in the field. Then the cameras score them. 

When a player misses the live target, the 120ft kiosk scoring zone will scoring them. As a result they get a second consolation prize. 

Key in this is that the more points of positive feedback you give the customer, the involved they become and as a result they stay longer and order more. 

From our experience, field design is the most important part of creating an immersive golf entertainment experience. It must be impactful, interactive and visual. 

To learn more about how your venue can uplevel to evening golf entertainment contact Gwen Abel @ 310.999.9767 or gwen@smarttarget.golf  

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