Never before did anyone is golf think that their little 10-20 bay driving range could generate more money than their 18 hole golf course. Today that has already happened and as a result its saved golf courses from closing.

Let’s start with the return, because it makes the cost look extremely fair.
A 10 bay facility, with proper turn around after each group can attain an average occupancy of 80%. With a range of hourly rates from $30 in the morning to $50 in the evening, a facility can generate $80k from hourly fees alone.

Remember, the bays and the gaming is the draw, the hook, the anchor that keeps people enjoying themselves longer. As a result we are seeing that just 10 bays can support a 20 table restaurant and robust lounge.

All smart driving range targets come with a control laptop that communicates to every target through a wirelessly mesh network.  This allows the operator to monitor and control the light and sound of any target, on the fly.

Inside each range target is a control system, industrial smart lighting and our patented sensor system designed to hear and feel every shot that lands on it. All internal components are made in the US to military standards and IP67 waterproof standards.

What is a bowling alley without the pins. Field targets and greens that respond when hit, give players immediate and real feedback and a real world goal to hit at. Without targets, you are offering practice. But with targets and gaming, you now can move into entertainment and the evening date night opportunities. 

Intelligent driving range targets are like giant bowling pins that give the customer a visual and visceral impact

  • Permanent interactive targets range in sizes from 10ft to 75ft in diameter. Targets can be made in custom sizes and in the shape of greens. Since every driving range venue is different, we can design a field that accents the strengths of your range.
  • The art of golf entertainment is to give the customer such a positive experience that they stay in their seats longer and enjoy their food longer. To do this, we’ve created interactive targets that create a big field visual impact along with customizable tee line sounds that make customers laugh and give a sophisticated ‘bowling alley’ vibe of intermittent sounds and light. Do not under estimate the impact of a live field. The bigger and brighter the more customers feel as if they are immersed in a giant pinball machine. Remember, you can change the light and sound in a flash on your venue laptop or console.

Small facilities with only 10-20 bays of available tee line have many options and a very bright financial horizon. By tracking tee line rentals we are seeing that 10 bays renting out at between $25-45 per hour (depending on time of day) are able to generate around $80k per month for just bay rentals.

Now that you’ve created the social anchor, you can support this with at least a 20 table restaurant, which will bring in about the same $80k per month.

The strength of this new ‘Microsite’ model is that both the camera or radar scoring bays and the targets are leasable and represent between $5-7,500 per month but drive $160k in sales. Best of all the 10 – 20 bay model does not require being placed in a large city or population center. Many of these small venues are seeing %80-90 daily subscription while being in a town with as few as 15k population

Many venues choose to put in 10 bays and leave the rest open for normal practice. This works well making everyone happy. The only downside of a 10 bay golf entertainment venue is that you will not be able to take full advantage of the weekend evening hours where you could book 30 bays if you had the space. On the other hand, more bays are more work when you are considering table service. So a well run 10 bay facility can be a very successful venture.

By giving the customer live targets that are placed to simulate the scoring games on Toptracer or Inrange, customers are now getting a complete ‘bowling alley’ experience where they actually see the ‘bowling pins fall’ when the target is hit and goes off.

Live targets also give the customer a double feedback loop when you hit. Our interactive targets are measured and placed on the field so that they are the real world anchors for the tee line target games. Targets are placed at 25yds incraments. We do this so that the video game scoring zone is 100ft. As a result the virtual game scoring zones touch one another. So when a customer hits a target they are scored and the target goes off with sound at the tee line. When they miss the target, the 100ft round video zone ensures a very good change the players scores. This is key to wanting to play more.

Besides offering up an awesome tee line and epic targets, you need plenty of parking and lots of non-golf social area. This goes for a stand alone driving range or a retrofit in the middle of a golf course. Key municipal issues will be sound and light pollution. As a result, it’s not a good idea to do anything with homes overlooking the range. Today there are radar scoring systems that go with Smart targets  that allow venues to not need overhead lighting. Combine this with modern focused sound design and you can have a fully interactive range in places that will not allow overhead lighting.

For a small golf entertainment venue you don’t need to go overboard the way you need to when you have a much wider spread of 30 bays wide. We recommend 2-3 10ft targets in the front field and 6-8 30-50ft targets for the backfield. You can also add a signature green in the front field to give your venue its own unique look. If you are putting in tee line scoring like TopTracer or Inrange, we recommend placing a target every 25yds so the live field targeting match the scoring games in either Toptracer or Trackman or Inrange.

You will need to run power to the targets since they need to be very bright to create the right impression. 

Field targets define your field and anchor the visual experience with the customer. We have found an increase in all day parts when targets are installed. In the morning you will rent blocks of bays for everything from kids parties to company meetings. In the afternoon scoring and targets attract the serious golfer more than just those wanting to hit a bucket of balls. In the evening weekends a 10-20 bay facility will see over subscription. The big surprise is that you will also fill up the early week evening blocks (Monday-Wednesday) with social league play. Note that without targets no scoring system alone has been able to fill evening time slots. With range targets it’s a breeze.

Without a doubt. Practice and play are not only completely different animals attracting different customers. Practice generates about 10% of a driving range’s potential. In the evening no one goes out to practice, especially on Saturday night. And no one goes out alone. So in the evening you will see 3-6 people per bay asking for food and beverages. Also customers lose track of their spending as they get more and more into their gaming experience. By renting the bays for an hour and then having games that last 45 minutes you are nearly gauaranteeing customers stay for at least an hour and a half.  

Sure. Toptracer, Inrange and Trackman offer kiosk scoring solutions that are all very robust and they will increase your bottomline by at least 50%. Definitely worth putting on your range. The issue is that to simulate the real world, while in the real world, does not create the same impression as when the kiosk scoring/video screen simulates what is in front of the customer. By combining real with virtual, the impact is multiplied 5 fold. To be more blunt. With only scoring kiosks you have only half a bowling alley. You need the pins. Smart Targets are the bowling pins that increase your business by 300% and more.

Today, your customers are your advertising agency. What they say and send to their friends is everything. Giant smart targets cause customers to pull out their phones cameras and click away. In fact, we design your field so that even the worst photographer will take an impressive shot. Without anything in the field and only a scoring kiosk, customers simply don’t instagram their kiosk. They shoot the field like crazy though.

When dealing with freezing weather of the north of the humidity of the south, all weather durability is very important. More importantly, targets need to withstand the riggers of most driving range sprinkler systems.

To combat weather, we’ve designed a multi-layer laminate target topped with synthetic turf designed to hear every ball strike while protecting all the vital lighting and sensors from the severity of mother nature. 

One of the strengths of the Smart target system is that it is make of modular IP67 components that can be replaced in short order. All vital components that make the targets work, are housed in a metal weatherproof case at the back of each target. This case holds the cosmic communicator that is part of our wireless mesh network that controls all the targets. All venues are supplied with backup components along with a Cosmic hotline where we can tap into your system and see all the vital stats of every target from color to its operating temperature.

Yes our targets can handle a beating but they are not designed to be driven on. They are targets. They are your money makers. Treat them with as much respect as you would your tee line scoring system. We recommend putting a 2ft ring of aggregate around the target protects the target from picker inadvertently driving over and hurting the target. 

By providing a complete ‘bowling alley’ experience, we are seeing 10 bay facilities doing $80k per month in just hourly fees. We are also seeing that 10 bays can support as much as a 20 table restaurant and back bar. Now your driving range can become your anchor revenue stream and out pace the golf course. It’s important to note that there are vastly more customers available at night and they spend a majority of their leisure dollars at night. This lends to the profoundly positive revenue generation of small microsite range facilities.

Further revenue can be generating by providing range balls for the bays you do not have Toptracer or Inrange a scoring systems. With Smart laser integration you also have a dynamic visual show that will attract customers simply to have a drink and watch what new cool responses the targets will provide.

The limitation of a 10-20 bay facility is that you will see over subscription every weekend. This development of the back bar with social gaming is critical to bringing in non golfing customers.

Yes, we are proud manufacture custom target sizes as well as replica ‘power greens’ that respond with light and sound. All permanent targets are designed and manufactured in the US with US components and materials. We also manufacture segmented ‘dart boards’ and greens for golf team practice areas.

We do charge design and installation fees, depending on your field layout and requirements.

Yes, ask about our lease program and the set up fees associated. They are generally in line with the number of targets you are needing.

All permanent targets come with a 2 year warranty on all components. All permanent target systems come with online customer support along with quarterly maintenance. 

Yes we do. Qualifying venues are eligible to license our Smart Targets and Smart laser module. Our lease program incorporates a setup fee along with a monthly license/lease for 4 years. 

Mobile targets are presently built to order 60-90 days lead time. Permanent targets are fabricated in the US with a lead time of 60-90 days.

Mobile golf targets inflate are made of light weight nylon for easy storage and activation. They inflate in a few minutes and house a smart target light that can sense any golf ball that hits it. So players know when they scored. This is key to creating all types of evening target golf parties and competitions.

Mobile targets open up the night by providing a tight, social golf experience where everyone can hang out, heckle their friends and be social. Target parties can range from large 20 bay events to simple 3 target ‘cigar parties’ down a fairway or off the back of the pub. Then, as quickly as the targets went up, you can deflate them and make your facility a golf course for the morning.

1 Target hole in one
3 Target ‘cigar’ Parties
Cosmic Skills Competitions

Mobile nylon targets are designed to inflate quickly and deflate almost as fast. Targets come with a zipper in the back and on the top.

WHEN SETTING UP A TARGET roll out target to set flat on the ground
– Place Smart target light inside the center of the target using the zipper at the center of the target. Depending on the angle of the target, place the light onto the plastic container the components come in.
– Attach light to lithium battery at back of target
– Attach blower at the back of the target with the Lithium battery
– Turn on the blower. In about 20 minutes the target will be up and ready. If you would like to inflate the target faster, use a backpack blower and blow air through the zipper at the back of the target.
– Go to tee line and turn on your laptop and cosmic communicator. Then attach the laptop to any wireless speak.
– With the targets turned on and the tee line sound ready to go, you can begin playing target golf.
WHEN TAKING DOWN THE TARGETS open up the zippers. Remove lighting and detach the blower. Let target deflate naturally.
– Once deflated, fold target in half. Make sure you are folding so that the outside zipper is in the crease of the fold. Then fold it over a 2 time. Once the target is in a 4ft wide roll, begin rolling the target toward the zipper so that all extra air goes out the end as you are rolling.
– Take the rolled up target and place in the nylon bag. If the target is wet from weather or moist from evening dew, we recommend not packing up the target until you are able to lay it out and dry it out. Not storing wet targets helps prevent mildew and mold issues over time.
– Store targets in a dry space between events

A 30ft target can fit in a 30×40” vinyl bag that can be stacked and stored. Glow balls and ball chargers come in hampers that can be stacked together between events. 

Yes they will. We do not recommend driving over range targets. Generally the range is picked clean before an evening event. Then the targets are taken up before the range is picked after an event or the next morning.

Depending on air or water shipping the order will take 60-90 Days

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