Target Golf Systems for Night Golf Games Grow your Golf Business with Target Golf Systems In today’s world, leisure activities provide an escape from busy lifestyles. In fact, due to demanding schedules that fill up daylight hours, leisure often comes at night. Topgolf is just one example of a business that has found that golfing after hours is an attractive entertainment option for people looking to spend money on leisure. As a result, target golf systems for night golf games have the potential to ramp up business on your golf range. The fact of the matter is that focusing only on consumer spending during daylight hours simply leaves money on the table. Smaller target golf systems are likely to have a measurable impact on your…

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Tee Box to Target Field – 360 degree Imersion

HOW TARGETS CREATE A 360 DEGREE IMMERSION FOR THE CUSTOMER This is an amazing time for the driving range industry when large venues can bring together tee box scoring with big field targeting to create an experience that is more captivating as a drive in movie.  By combining Interactive driving range targets with tee box scoring systems like TopTracer and Inrange you create the complete 'bowling alley' from the crashing of pins when you walk in the door to the experience of victory when you win a game.  Visual impact is the first step in having customers want to start playing and stay through a few more games than they thought. They need to be stopped in their tracks and reaching for…

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