More FAQs About SmartTarget.Golf

More FAQs About SmartTarget.Golf How Do Targets Affect Daytime And Evening Driving Range Usage? Field targets define your field and anchor the visual experience with the customer. We have found an increase in all day-parts when targets are installed. In the morning you will rent blocks of bays for everything from kids' parties to company meetings. In the afternoon scoring and targets attract the serious golfer more than just those wanting to hit a bucket of balls. In the evening weekends, a 10-20 bay facility will see oversubscription. The big surprise is that you will also fill up the early week evening blocks (Monday-Wednesday) with social league play. Note that without targets no tee line scoring system alone has been able…

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HOW TO BRING THE ‘OFF COURSE GOLF’ BACK ‘ON COURSE’ By Robert Peterson – Chief Designer for SmartTarget.Golf Everyone is talking about how 'off course' golf play has eclipsed 'on course' play. From a target designer’s perspective, and one who has been watching the 'Topgolf effect' from a different perspective, the ‘off course effect’ folks speak of is really how golf venues can move into the evening and finally access evening customers looking to simply have fun. This transition into the evening allows you to sell fun vs. serious practice. How to bring this evening-focused entertainment onto the golf course as another engine that can out-produce daytime rounds revenue? By retrofitting the driving range, a golf course can now begin to…


FAQs About SmartTarget.Golf

FAQs About SmartTarget.Golf We've put together a few Frequently Asked Questions on the value/benefits of implementing SmartTarget.Golf's permanent interactive targets system for driving ranges. What is the value of interactive targets on a driving range? A driving range without responsive targets or greens is like a bowling alley without crashing pins. Field targets and greens that respond when hit give players immediate and real feedback and a real-world goal like knocking down the bowling pins. With just kiosk scoring and no targets, you are offering augmented practice and a video simulation that only gets the customer halfway from practice to play. But with targets and gaming, you now can move into evening entertainment and evening date night opportunities. Intelligent driving range…

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